Such a lovely place, Bend, Oregon. I’ve only been through it, previously, not in it. We had such a great time and I did get to SOAR to try both spinning wheels in the same day. Two days in a row.

Wonder Sweetie and I had a relaxing time of it. He and Gord Lendrum had a great, long conversation concerning all matters of wood working and milling technology. All I know is that the wheel was a joy to spin on. And I spun on it several times. I wanted to make sure I had many opportunities with different fibers and at different times so I knew it was a wheel for me.

The drive home was gorgeous. We took the shorter route near Mt Hood and through Gresham. I hadn’t been that way before. Lots of high desert and some beautiful canyons. Plus Wonder Sweetie and I had some grown up time, which I really needed. I think he did to.