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The Toe the Line shawl is a work of art and a pain in the behind all at once. I wanted to give up about 3/4 of the way through knitting it. I could not seem to get the hang of the pattern. I tried both the chart and written versions before pulling out every stitch marker I had at home and counting the stitches after every repeat. There are still mistakes.

I finished it today, and blocked it. I am sore head to um er toe. So happy that I didn’t give up. I give you – Toe the Line

Also here’s the scones from last weekend. Cornmeal, cranberry scones


Saturday was the third in a series of fiber weekends. Each of the different. Each of them wonderful. I visited the Keep Portland Weird festival at the central library where I sat with Deb and Melissa. We watched the Pirates play (and sing) all dressed in their piraty finery. Then came the choir, dressed in their Keep Portland Weird finery. The sound was magical and opened up that special choir spot in my heart. The one that melts when I hear singing.

I knit some on the Heroine jacket while Deb and Melissa spun. Lots of kids stopped by to visit. The wheels were such a source of interest.

From there I made a repeat visit to the Grange Hall in Aloha for the NWSRA/Knitters co-op event. I had stopped by in the morning and walked away with some lovely mohair that Stitch Jones had dyed in my favorite autumn colorways. I got to visit with her husband, Jason, who was playing guitar for all of us. He and I had worked together back in the TriVium days.

It was far too busy of a day, but a good one at the end. I fell into bed ready to sleep. The next day was cleaning and baking for me. I took pictures of the scones, but not the French bread. Boy was that bread tasty. It tasted like real bakery bread! I’ll post the pics later.

The last three weekends have been so incredibly jam-packed with fiber happiness. Bend you have already heard about. Last weekend I was able to visit with Just Jen for a large part of the day. She needed buttons for Kingscot. I was picking up sample knit yarn from Knit Purl. We HAD to visit For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton or the store could not have considered itself fully introduced to the Portland knitting community.

There is no one more fun on a knit crawl that Jen. Always ready with a good eye, an honest appraisal and a sense of humor. The sense of humor was definitely needed when the massive downpour swamped both of us, especially my open shoes. It’s a sign of a really good friend who will hold your socks up to the heater vent in the car as you roll from venue to venue! Lunch was a warming Pho for both of us.

Even better news, it looks like we are headed to Madrona for all 4 days! Registration opens tomorrow. I’ll be staking out the website all day.

Yesterday was the Keep Portland Weird Event at the Central Library and the NWRSA spinning event at the Aloha Grange. I couldn’t stay either location as long as I would have liked, but it was so fun to catch up with everyone in the time I had. More about that another time.

Its an all fiber, all the time, weekend. I’ve got very few kids related duties and a snoot full of time to pursue things I like. It rocks!

On tap is to visit the Aloha Grange for a fibery get together, followed by a haircut, and then another fibery event at the Central Library downtown. Then I think it’s back to the Grange hall and then over to pick up my groceries.

I’m making good progress on the Toe the Line Shawl although it frustrates me on a pretty regular basis. I have stopped short of the 9 repeats and decided to go for the border.

Heroine jacket has slowed down, although I am most of the way through the left front and just need to kick off the right front and sleeves. Once Toe the Line is done…

The sample knit for Knit Purl is a bear. One very fine strand of Merino and another of Linen. I have Addi lace needles, but still drop the merino and have to go back and pick it up frequently. It’s on size one needles – 11.5 inches of unrelieved stockinette. I’ll make it through, but not the most exciting knit.

Tomorrow I will see my youngest in her play at the high school. So excited!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Never, not ever, getting married again.
I lied. Well, kind of. I didn’t count on finding the guy that you can drink beer and spit and cuss with. Also didn’t count on finding the guy who didn’t really want a subservient mate. Not the one who says he does, but doesn’t. This guy really doesn’t want subservience. He likes my real boobs, my no makeup. My egg beater of a haircut.

So in the face of that, why stand on principle any longer? So I popped the question. To be truthful it wasn’t the question so much as the concept. Growing old together, loving each other as we are. Knowing when the other person needs space and giving them that. So when I asked him if he wanted to grow old together he asked me if it was a proposal and I said sure why not?

So there you have it. Not the most romantic, but life sometimes is it’s most romantic when it doesn’t follow that trashy rom-dram script.

Not like I’ve ever done anything by the book before. Why start now?

My ex husband is not a bad person. He’s been a stand up guy and paid child support for years. As he should. This is not an extraordinary measure. It is what is expected of him.

There is lots of emotional energy swirling around, not all of it positive, most of it negative. It concerns the travel plans of my progeny over Christmas, or the lack of travel plans.

I don’t want to go into it out in semi-public like this. Suffice it to say that I have a choice to get really wrapped up in this, or not get wrapped up at all. I am choosing the latter. Not wrapped. At all.

My life has been fundamentally altered by my relationship with my ex husband. Financially I will never recover from my losses relating to my marriage. My life, my problem. I have struggled more or less over the last few years to keep my head above water. Never have I gone back and asked for more money. Not when the oldest lost her retainer, not when car insurance reared it’s ugly head for both girls or when gas went to $4.00 per gallon. I let him know he could reduce his payment when I paid off the braces, out of my own pocket.

The class that the state mandates for adults to take (which my ex never took) taught that any problems between parent and child, barring the safety of the child being at stake, was just that, between the parent and child. That we shouldn’t attempt to shape or manipulate the behavior of one parent through the child.

I’m going to try and keep it that way.

Read some inspirational material the other day. It talked about finding a delicious source of food in the metaphorical way referring to a bowl of seeds as delicious to eat, but we should plant the seeds instead and wait for the seeds to bear fruit. That would be a truly delicious meal.

I am planting seeds right now, for a much loved harvest later. I am a new sample knitter for Knit Purl. I just had to ask, plant a seed, and what harvest it brings.

Why does yarn make me so happy? It’s a mystery. I went to SOAR this weekend. I spun on a Lendrum Saxony. I talked to fiber persons. I got to meet Gord Lendrum. He’s a funny guy, and a real treat to talk to. I smiled so much it made my face hurt. There is something so comforting about squeezing the fiber and the yarns. something to infinitely rewarding about seeing people I know. I even spotted my little yak and merino sample I knit for Susan at Abstract Fiber. It truly was a lovely little thing I spun up.

I’m back at work this week feeling a little happy and a little sad that my adventure in yarn is over for the year. I’ve got to start behaving myself or I’ll be broke. I’m going to try for Madrona next year. Oh, and I signed up for Judth McCuin McKensie’s spinning retreat in the Bay Area. Instead of Sock Camp with Blue Moon. It seems to be where I am being drawn, to spinning my own yarns and trying to make something pretty out of them.

I’ve put myself into the queue for a Lendrum Saxony at Carolina Homespun as well. Seems a little piggy of me, but it’s the determination that’s talking these days, not me. I’d be a quiet little mouse and wait my turn like I normally do. Is there a change in the air? I don’t know.

Such a lovely place, Bend, Oregon. I’ve only been through it, previously, not in it. We had such a great time and I did get to SOAR to try both spinning wheels in the same day. Two days in a row.

Wonder Sweetie and I had a relaxing time of it. He and Gord Lendrum had a great, long conversation concerning all matters of wood working and milling technology. All I know is that the wheel was a joy to spin on. And I spun on it several times. I wanted to make sure I had many opportunities with different fibers and at different times so I knew it was a wheel for me.

The drive home was gorgeous. We took the shorter route near Mt Hood and through Gresham. I hadn’t been that way before. Lots of high desert and some beautiful canyons. Plus Wonder Sweetie and I had some grown up time, which I really needed. I think he did to.