Than to post about saggy bosoms as I did before. The latest crop of visitors, small as that might be, contained a contingent of strangers, searching on things such as saggy bosoms. As if the title of my blog wasn’t suggestive enough. I had to shoot myself in the foot and blog about something so many folks are interested in. Who knew? Seeing as this was intended to be a blog about my knitting and other things, obviously, I did not see this coming. Well the future of blogging has changed forever for me!

Knitting continues apace. I have completed several repeats of the Toe the Line shawl. It looks a little like a kite. Do not like the colorway of Eggplanted much. Too much variation for me, unblocked, between dark and light. I suspect once it’s “aggresively blocked” (thank you Twisted PDX) it may look less like stripes and more appealing.

The Heroine Jacket from Twist Collective is also proceeding well. With size 13 needles, knitting stockinette I can’t imagine it wouldn’t. Most of the back is done. This might be a jacket I get to wear this year!!!

Heading to Bend on the 30th to see if Gord Lendrum (am tempted sometimes to misspell that God Lendrum) is bringing a sample Saxony to SOAR for folks to spin on. Also hoping that Carolina Homespun’s cherry Schacht Reeves will make an appearance so a true comparison can be made. Still can’t believe I am ready to drop 1600.00 on a wheel. I guess I will find out.