I got to spin in broad daylight. With Portland Spinnerati friends. Not my-last-thing-I-do-before-evening falls hard and knocks me out. I had a little difficulty since I’d been rearended in the Prius not 30 minutes before. All in all it was a good time.

The car was drivable. I was shaken and not stirred. I stopped for a fortifying cup of Jasmine Downy Pearls at Peets and soldiered on. The other driver’s insurance company called within an hour so I could get information about the body shop to them. Back into the shop she goes, poor Cielo Blue.

Both of us are a little worse for wear, mostly intact. I feel a bit for the young guy that hit me. His son was in the backseat. He said it surprised him. I think that was all three of us. The fire engine showed up not long after to check on me and my back. No blood, no ribs poking out. I am good to go.

Today it seems that red in all of its glory is the order of the day around the household.

Rose Red