I’m looking for another wheel. Wait, you say, you just got a new wheel. Well yes, yes I did. Thank you for remembering. It was a birthday present. I love it dearly and use it frequently.

But I want to have a Saxony wheel. And I want it soon. Unfortunately, supply and demand on the Lendrum Saxony’s is roughly akin to Jonas Brother tickets for next Saturday night’s concert. I’ve got about as much luck finding one quickly as the tweenagers who were number 10,001 and 10,002 in line for tickets before they sold out at 10,000. Again, I’m late to the party and struggling to catch up. The Schacht Reeves, Saxony is even pricier, with better availability.

But these are Saxony wheels, they will last long after each of the Jonas brothers becomes balding, middleaged and paunchy. They sing me a song when I see them. Once, I treadled and spun on the Schacht Reeves at Sock Summit, I was a goner. There is something so solid and reassuring about them.

So I’m on a search. If you know of anyone who is selling their Schacht Reeves or Lendrum Saxony please let me know. I have cash and I know how to use it.