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Hot flashes? I got ’em. I thought maybe I was going to skip over that part. Apparently not.

Knitting? I got that too. I’m progressing on the Toe the line shawl, but as with most shawls it’s not much to look at on the needles. I had to rip the Heroine Jacket out and switch to size 11 needles. I wasn’t making gauge. Bloody but not broken I continue on.

Headed for Bend this weekend. SOAR marketplace opens today and I hope to make the 4:00 pm opening tomorrow. I have my sights set on trying out a spinning wheel.


Than to post about saggy bosoms as I did before. The latest crop of visitors, small as that might be, contained a contingent of strangers, searching on things such as saggy bosoms. As if the title of my blog wasn’t suggestive enough. I had to shoot myself in the foot and blog about something so many folks are interested in. Who knew? Seeing as this was intended to be a blog about my knitting and other things, obviously, I did not see this coming. Well the future of blogging has changed forever for me!

Knitting continues apace. I have completed several repeats of the Toe the Line shawl. It looks a little like a kite. Do not like the colorway of Eggplanted much. Too much variation for me, unblocked, between dark and light. I suspect once it’s “aggresively blocked” (thank you Twisted PDX) it may look less like stripes and more appealing.

The Heroine Jacket from Twist Collective is also proceeding well. With size 13 needles, knitting stockinette I can’t imagine it wouldn’t. Most of the back is done. This might be a jacket I get to wear this year!!!

Heading to Bend on the 30th to see if Gord Lendrum (am tempted sometimes to misspell that God Lendrum) is bringing a sample Saxony to SOAR for folks to spin on. Also hoping that Carolina Homespun’s cherry Schacht Reeves will make an appearance so a true comparison can be made. Still can’t believe I am ready to drop 1600.00 on a wheel. I guess I will find out.

Tonight the Wonder Sweetie arrives! I’ll have all of us together under one roof for a day. It makes me happy and sad all at once. The challenge is to enjoy the feast while it’s being eaten and not regret that it ends.

Life is a vey big bite sometimes, isn’t it?

Here’s a quote for the day…

Forgiveness cannot change the past. But it can enlarge the future.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter D, as in Done. As in Done-In. And Delivered. As in delivered my daughter home at 12:44 am. Which means 4 hours of sleep. See Done-In above.

My eyes hurt, my brain is feeble. I am sooo happy to have my girl home it doesn’t matter!

Tonight it’s chicken and rice dinner and an early night of it. With both of my girls at home!

My body amazes me. And in this case it’s not necessarily a good thing. I’ve gone from relative calm collectedness to…well..shrew. I’m tired, my head hurts. My breasts have gone from barely B, to heaving bosoms, and back to barely B in the time it takes for me to sweat through my PJs at night (hint, this does not take long). I’ve gone from bodice ripper to doesn’t fill out her bodice at breakneck speed.

It’s taken on the aspect of a devious sort of torture invented by scientists who have nothing better to do than put women of a certain age under a microscope and let them squirm. Maybe that’s why it’s so warm here. No wait I’ve sweated out, so I’m cold, no I’m hot, no wait… Fuck!

I’m not suffering enough from having a face that resembles a bloodhound, nope. I can’t imagine what some women go through. I can’t mention the symptoms I don’t have, since that will certainly trigger a flood of those precise symptoms as payback from the Gods. I need to speak to them about their sense of humor. Yoo Hoo! honestly, it’s not humorous, it’s sadistic.

I think the most heinous of my current plague is the period that has gone on for almost a full month. I’m not talking spotting. I’m talking the full magilla. For the love of God, please make it stop or I might have to hang myself with a tampon cord. How exactly does one go about feeling beautiful when wearing a diaper for a month?

I know I could take the magic hormone pills which would settle some of this down, while helping me have a stroke or breast cancer. No thanks!

I think if I have to wait till 57 to be done I may have to hurt someone.

I got to spin in broad daylight. With Portland Spinnerati friends. Not my-last-thing-I-do-before-evening falls hard and knocks me out. I had a little difficulty since I’d been rearended in the Prius not 30 minutes before. All in all it was a good time.

The car was drivable. I was shaken and not stirred. I stopped for a fortifying cup of Jasmine Downy Pearls at Peets and soldiered on. The other driver’s insurance company called within an hour so I could get information about the body shop to them. Back into the shop she goes, poor Cielo Blue.

Both of us are a little worse for wear, mostly intact. I feel a bit for the young guy that hit me. His son was in the backseat. He said it surprised him. I think that was all three of us. The fire engine showed up not long after to check on me and my back. No blood, no ribs poking out. I am good to go.

Today it seems that red in all of its glory is the order of the day around the household.

Rose Red

I’m looking for another wheel. Wait, you say, you just got a new wheel. Well yes, yes I did. Thank you for remembering. It was a birthday present. I love it dearly and use it frequently.

But I want to have a Saxony wheel. And I want it soon. Unfortunately, supply and demand on the Lendrum Saxony’s is roughly akin to Jonas Brother tickets for next Saturday night’s concert. I’ve got about as much luck finding one quickly as the tweenagers who were number 10,001 and 10,002 in line for tickets before they sold out at 10,000. Again, I’m late to the party and struggling to catch up. The Schacht Reeves, Saxony is even pricier, with better availability.

But these are Saxony wheels, they will last long after each of the Jonas brothers becomes balding, middleaged and paunchy. They sing me a song when I see them. Once, I treadled and spun on the Schacht Reeves at Sock Summit, I was a goner. There is something so solid and reassuring about them.

So I’m on a search. If you know of anyone who is selling their Schacht Reeves or Lendrum Saxony please let me know. I have cash and I know how to use it.