My world, when not filled with wool eating moths, is filled with a lot of love. Today it’s seeping out from under the door frames and leaking out of my pores. This wasn’t a given. My childhood was full of dark and scary places, depression and self destructive behavior. And that’s just the first 3 years. When I mention my chldhood I feel like there should be some hideous scream or scary ghost noise that comes after it. Just like the horse neigh everytime they say Frau Bluher in “Young Frankenstein”. My childhood …Ooooh… OOHHH… BOO! You get the picture. All kidding aside, this was not a given that I would find myself at this place. The Loooove Shack.

19 years ago I discovered that I was pregnant. That’s when my pilgrimage to the Love Shack began. While it hasn’t made me a saint (yet), it opened my eyes to what was out there, waiting, if we were willing to love without worrying about what came back. I fully believe that my mother loves me in what ever way it is that she has available. She’s given me some valuable insights – mostly of the what NOT to do variety. We are acquaintances, not friends. I don’t ask her about how things are done, because I don’t like the answers.

It’s different for my kids. They ask me about stuff, and tell me about stuff more than I ever expected. And we can have such good conversations, and it’s fun.

It just gets better from there. After 18 years of heads down kid raising I’m getting out again, I love the people I am meeting and the things I am doing to keep busy.

Then there is Wonder Sweetie. What do you say about someone who is such an important part of your world? I’m not sure I even have words for it.

So tomorrow I’ll go to Oregon Flock and Fiber Fesitval in Canby with people I love, and hang out with stuff that I love (wooly goodness) and smile like an idiot the whole time, because I feel like I fell face first into a pile of wonderful and I’m not inclined to back out of the pile. Excuse me while I just roll around in it.