Sideways Spencer is complete and today I should be taking pictures of me wearing it. Sadly she’s been torn from me and carted off to the dry cleaners. Another victim of the great Wool Moth wars of ’09. I feel as though I’ve lost my suitcase on a long trip. Every single one of my favorite sweaters, my socks, scarves, shawls etc. It’s not a feeling I like.

The rest of my stuff is now in the kill box being permeated by horrible chemicals as we speak. We’ve rigged up the kill box. By we, I mean me and Wonder Sweetie. He and I are two of the most chemical averse people on the planet. But the cleaning bill looms and threatens to be just a hair south of the projected US trade deficit for 2009. I’m thinking a couple billion at least.

So into the kill box, a large plastic tote with a Hot Shot No Pest strip inside, they went. Wool pants and skirts, jackets, coats, commercially prepared wool socks, scarves and the like. This was recommended by Judith McCuin McKenzie in her book “The Intentional Spinner”. She saves it as a last resort. Wonder Sweetie has been an absolute peach. I love how we just put our heads together and come up with a plan. Even when it is a plan involving toxic chemicals.

World Wide Spin in Public day was short but sweet. I really enjoyed the company and Tami has wrangled us some crazy good swag! I’m still poking through the bag (all safely packed in plastic!!) looking forward to spinning some of these fibers once I feel I’ve disinfected the house long enough to take the new stuff out.