Heard an amazing set of shows on OPB this weekend. The first one, on the radio, talked about the perceived specialness of random events when it causes a bit of a coincidence to appear. For example a balloon with a 10 year old’s name and address blows across prevailing winds to land in the yard of neighbor, who lives next to another 10 year old girl with the same name. Our brains, when they spot a particularly spectacular bit of coincidence want to make a pattern out of it. When in reality, it’s just another random occurrence of everyday ephemera.

I have to sit down and have a talk with myself about that one. I have assigned meaning and “specialness” to many of these happenings in my life. Wishing to believe, that fate had meant this or that thing or person or course of action for me. How do I reconcile my romantic mind with the stunning possibility that it’s all just random occurrence?

I can’t.

The second was an author on OPB television, discussing the ability of the brain to make decisions without our really being involved on a conscious level. Sometimes our brains just know what to do. I’ve experienced this myself several times recently. I haven’t known the answer to what do I do next, but the act of beginning answers the question for me. My hands just know where to go.

So where am I headed with this? Well last week I read my Free Will horoscope. I don’t believe in astrology, but I do love the insistently positive message the author delivers. A little pep talk for my soul.

Last week Free Will Astrology recommended I try an impossible thing before noon each day. Challenging my notion of impossible is a scary place. I frequently can’t begin because I am paralyzed by fear that things won’t turn out right, or I won’t know what to do. Remove that fear block and you find yourself trying all sorts of things. And trusting them to go fine.

So I am trusting my hands and reptilian brain today, to take care of business, and craft. I may come up with some sort of random geniosity yet.