Well, it is different, this life with one kid at home. Not bad, not amazingly good. Just different. I’ll tell you what is amazingly good though. The new spinning wheel. And the knowledge that my skills are improving daily with each use.

So far I have spun cotton, silk, merino, yak and silk. The cotton was a revelation. Especially when not using a spindle with this wonky sort of long draw technique I pulled out of somewhere. I spun with my fast flyer out of a large chunk. Big change, technique-wise, that I learned from JMM at Sock Summit. I spun too thin once, as opposed to the eleventy hundred times when I’ve tried (and cried) with my previous wheel before.

Who knew the very thing I’d been doing – predrafting – in order to make it easier to spin, was actually making it harder.

I’ve received a couple of knitting related gifts for my birthday that allow me to choose the gift I want. My family gets it now, I think. I’ve noticed a shift there as well in what I choose. I’ve moved from strictly pattern based books that can be knit from this yarn, to books that serve as a jumping off point for inspiration.

Cat Bordhi’s new sock method at camp was the gateway drug to creating new things. Now I am knitting, I can’t say designing, a pair of socks made from ideas in my head. This may not necessarily be a good thing đŸ˜‰ If the road gets too rocky, I can always rip them out. I’ve made a good start so far.