The days are flying by and I still have much to do. I’m not thinking on what it will feel like to have one kid at home instead of two.

What I do know is that I get to step back and watch my girl try her wings. I am incredibly proud of who she is. I am fortunate beyond belief to have mothered her. I get to let go now and see how high she can fly. I will miss my little Daniellie girl. She of the Minnie Mouse on steroids voice. The two year old who could say parallelogram, carefully enunciating each syllable. The 8 year old who hid a months worth of lunches in her closet (!!!!!). The newspaper editor. The honors student. The being who taught me to take good care of others. And myself.

She belongs to herself now. My advice?

Don’t waste time being nice on people who are not nice to you. Mere civility will suffice in most cases.

Make up isn’t essential. Sleep is.

If you have to choose between a good friend and a lover. A good friend is harder to find and more important most of the time.

To thine own self be true. The world doesn’t need another tragically screwed up human.

Don’t lie. It will ALWAYS come back to haunt you and it is NEVER pleasant. This is not the little white social lie you tell when you are invited out and make up a story about cramps. It’s the life draining lies that you have to remember what you said or be found out. Don’t ask me how I know.

No drug, wine, or man is worth being sick over.

Life is short. Eat dessert first!