I have officially become a heat wuss. We attended the Walk in the Park festivities yesterday. Good food, wine, beer and crafts. Waaaay too much heat. I found a lovely gift for my sister at the Diane Archer booth.

We made a stop at Woodland Woolworks too. I’ve been thinking a lot about switching to a double treadle Lendrum for awhile. I’ve begun spinning on a regular basis again, not just for the Tour de Fleece. As I placed the order Marc the Wonder Sweetie mentioned he was looking for a gift for my upcoming 52nd birthday. You guessed it, Marc the Wonder Sweetie strikes again!

It’s such a smooth and easy spinner. I amazed myself what I could spin in just a few treadles. I could also control the movement better, no dead spot! Can’t wait till Mr Lendrum ships his wares and I can go pick it up.

Thank you Wonder Sweetie!