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The days are flying by and I still have much to do. I’m not thinking on what it will feel like to have one kid at home instead of two.

What I do know is that I get to step back and watch my girl try her wings. I am incredibly proud of who she is. I am fortunate beyond belief to have mothered her. I get to let go now and see how high she can fly. I will miss my little Daniellie girl. She of the Minnie Mouse on steroids voice. The two year old who could say parallelogram, carefully enunciating each syllable. The 8 year old who hid a months worth of lunches in her closet (!!!!!). The newspaper editor. The honors student. The being who taught me to take good care of others. And myself.

She belongs to herself now. My advice?

Don’t waste time being nice on people who are not nice to you. Mere civility will suffice in most cases.

Make up isn’t essential. Sleep is.

If you have to choose between a good friend and a lover. A good friend is harder to find and more important most of the time.

To thine own self be true. The world doesn’t need another tragically screwed up human.

Don’t lie. It will ALWAYS come back to haunt you and it is NEVER pleasant. This is not the little white social lie you tell when you are invited out and make up a story about cramps. It’s the life draining lies that you have to remember what you said or be found out. Don’t ask me how I know.

No drug, wine, or man is worth being sick over.

Life is short. Eat dessert first!

I thought that working 9-6 would change the cant of the extra time I had. Maybe when the weather changes, or maybe when I am less lazy 🙂 Dinner has been really not that great and I feel bad about that. Not bad enough to do anything yet, mind you. I just have been really bored with home keeping and cooking in general.

The Sideways Spencer Redux is my monogamous project. It’s a tad unwieldy on the train. I’ve managed to keep it portable. I love the project but I am ready for it to be finished. I’ve been knitting and tinking for several days now. Today might be the day I really get to focus on it and get it to a point where the finish line is in sight.

But first I need to tink some.

My best friend Kristin sent me a birthday card today. It says “There’s nothing I’d rather do” and has a picture of two young girls riding a donkey. When you open it, it says “Than sit around on my ass with a friend like you”. I miss her while she is across the pond visiting her in-laws.

She is such a great friend.

I feel like I am tempting fate here. One big giant act of hubris before destiny drop kicks me into oblivion. The last time I was openly grateful for health and well being both my in-laws and my mother ended up in the hospital and I started down the path to divorce.

Don’t even get me started on the “everytime I buy a new car I end up changing jobs for one with less pay” rule that instituted itself a few years back. Even despite that…

Life is wonderful.

There I said it. Or typed it. Out-loud.

Marc the Wonder Sweetie and I are having fun. My oldest daughter and I are friends again. The job is a JOB, but it pays well and the work is engaging. The extra 90 minutes of forced downtime for reading or knitting on the train is a bonus.

It seems, despite dire predictions of a failing or failed economy, that the sun will come up each morning. I won’t ever have a robust retirement, but I will survive somehow.

I have friends. Actual friends of choice. Not the thrown together by your kids activities friends. And this time. I know what to do with them.

I’m off to deep clean the house for the first time in awhile. Not the most exciting thing, but I do have a house to clean that I mostly own. Good problem to have I think.

If it’s a rough day for you today. I am sorry for your pain and your loss. I’ll remind you, in hopes that you will remind me when it’s my turn under the wheels of the bus. Life will go on, things will get better. We are all in this together. Be kind to yourself. It’s a sure fire way to help you be kind to everyone else.

This picture just about sums it all up for me. This is a picture of me and Nancy Bush who wrote the book “Knitted Lace of Estonia”. I am wearing her Summer Shawl, covered in nupps. Nancy was gracious enough to stop me in the hall of the convention center and comment on the shawl. It was a moment, heaped on other moments, that I will never forget.

That was followed by a 3 hour class with Judith McKenzie McCuin.

Marc and I were able to shake our groove thang at the Sock Hop, and visit with friends JustJen and Zennor at the Ravelry meet up. We drank some most excellent margaritas. I bought yarn and tools and met new people and vendors. I feel closer to my knit night friends than ever. We have a terrific bunch of knitters!

I’m terrifically sad that it’s over. I hope it happens again sometime.

I can’t stop smiling.

I loved reading the book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I also hated the ending! The prose and construction were magnificent. The characters and setting thoroughly engaging. But do you really have to kill off ever last character in the book at the end. I mean GEEZ, I am an American. I love happy endings!. If you know me well, you know that is not true exclusively. But in this case I had invested a fair amount of myself in the book and well. I’m pissed at the author.

Next I’m reading Dave Eggers book staggering and heartbreaking something or another. stay tuned.

Tomorrow is sock summit. Nuf said.

I have officially become a heat wuss. We attended the Walk in the Park festivities yesterday. Good food, wine, beer and crafts. Waaaay too much heat. I found a lovely gift for my sister at the Diane Archer booth.

We made a stop at Woodland Woolworks too. I’ve been thinking a lot about switching to a double treadle Lendrum for awhile. I’ve begun spinning on a regular basis again, not just for the Tour de Fleece. As I placed the order Marc the Wonder Sweetie mentioned he was looking for a gift for my upcoming 52nd birthday. You guessed it, Marc the Wonder Sweetie strikes again!

It’s such a smooth and easy spinner. I amazed myself what I could spin in just a few treadles. I could also control the movement better, no dead spot! Can’t wait till Mr Lendrum ships his wares and I can go pick it up.

Thank you Wonder Sweetie!

I’m so ready. I’m just counting the days (hours, minutes, seconds) till it begins. Whoo Hoo!