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It’s crazy, stupid hot here in the city of Roses. I am striving to stay cool by knitting wool socks. The irony of which does not escape me.

Finished! the Queen of Beads socks. They are lovely. Wrapping up the Hazel Nichols sweater, for little Hazel. I’ll post pics when I have delivered the goods.


By Moi! Wow. I think I’m just great.

I looked at the yarns for Dye for Glory on Ravelry last night and voted. You know the scene in the movie Jaws where Roy Scheider comes into the cabin of the boat after seeing the beastie?

I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat/rolling bag/conveyance for carrying yarn! Actually I think I might be able to take MAX across the river and drop stuff off at my office for staging the ride home. There are showers and a quiet room. Just in case.

Last night my spinning wheel broke. Sock Summit is only days away and I have a class with Judith Mackenzie McCuin. The timing sucks.


Part has been ordered. Should arrive by next week and in time for me to install it.

A list of Broken things

My Nephew – traumatic brain injury over 4th of July
My car – someone smashed the back and ran away last Friday
My dog – barfed for a solid 5 hours – marathon cleaning session
My Spinning Wheel – Footman connector gave up the ghost after 11 plus years
My favorite sandals from Aerosoles – always felt put toegether when I wore them

A list of fixed things

My Nephew – has made a herculean recovery and is taking baby steps, playing games on a cell phone – brain activity and motor skills. Two things you don’t want to be without

Dog – after 8 hours I fed her again and it stayed down

The car and the wheel should be fixed in the next few days and weeks.

The shoes are hopeless. The plastic covered foam rubber heels basically just exploded after so many years of me dashing about. I will miss them. RIP little mule sandals, you were awesome!

It was a long day today and I am going to rest! Sock Summit is approaching and I do not want to be tired.


I spent last night at the volunteer’s meeting for Sock Summit 09. Summit is being held here in Portland August 6-9 and I’m so excited as to be speechless. The jobs we signed up for are, to the untrained eye, pretty run of the mill. The setting, and the people with whom I will be working is nothing short of spectacular.

I can’t wait. If any of you have seen the commercial for Disneyland (world?) where the little boy says he’s too excited to sleep. Well that’s me. And we still have three weeks to go.

My co worker gave me a pair of these out of the blue.Light Sabers for Knitters

That plus this You Tube Video equals… You guessed it. My very own Light Saber!!!!

Thank goodness my co-workers thought it was as funny as I did. What could have been a very embarrassing moment turned out to be all of us laughing so hard we had to be shushed for being disruptive. I’m sending you to the principal’s office it wasn’t, but at 51 I’m still getting shushed.

That my friends is a boring but true entry. There is a lot out there to freak about. 2012, the economy, the state of the environment if you haven’t been watching the news or reading tabloids lately.

So why the smile? Without tempting the fates, let’s just say the knitting basket is full of all sorts of interesting and wonderful things these days. I am using knitting and the basket in a metaphorical way, for those of the more literal persuasion.

I hope to take pictures of tour de fleece and other activities this weekend.

I sent this from my phone! Ain’t technology grand? It also explains the spelling errors and terse grammar.

I have completed one Queen of (No) Beads sock. I may have to lengthen the toe a bit, it seems a little snug. I love the pattern. It was my first time trying the small size and just knitting the toe longer. It seems to be a good fit for the most part.

Tour de Fleece starts today and I hope to have a rousing start with the yak and silk from Black Sheep Gathering. Also want to get back at the Russian Spindle. I chose my words carefully in that last sentence. I could have said get back to, but there seems to be no small amount of passive aggressiveness between me and that sharp pointy stick. It is teaching me about woolen spinning vs worsted. It’s also trying to teach me humility. I’m not sure who will break first.

Oh and Happy and Safe 4th of July to all of you!