I’ve been mulling a new computer purchase for awhile now. After my oldest received her college computer, a shiny new Macbook, I was was thinking that was the way to go. Cute, quick, and small.

JustJen the awesome enabler showed me her new addition after Black Sheep last week. An HP Mini she purchased at Costco. It was cute, quick and small. It was also a whole lot less expensive than a new Macbook. Even with the webcam, blue tooth and hard drive bigger-than-I’ve-ever-had. Even on computers three times this size.

The extent of my computer use these days is blog surfacing and checkins with Facebook. That is where I hear from my kids (and cyberstalk them a teensy bit). I don’t watch movies on my computer. I occasionally download music, but since I can now download to my iPhone even that has been reduced. With three USB ports I could connect the Western Digital external hard drive Marc passed onto me, my camera and my phone at the same time.

So Mom, look what came home with me yesterday? Toshiba fun! Can I keep it? Huh can I??

I’m revving the motor in the drive way right now? Want to go for a spin??

With the two year, drive over it with a semi warranty from Best Buy I still came in a half the cost of the Mac.