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Marc is headed to town tomorrow. I expect to be offline for a bit, but you never know, Mornings have become a lot more fun since I started the 9-6 shift. And I still have some time in the evenings too.

To tide you over here is some knitting news. Prairie boots 3/4 of the way through. A fun and fast knit to keep my oldest warm in New York state this fall and winter.

Prairie Madness

I’ve been mulling a new computer purchase for awhile now. After my oldest received her college computer, a shiny new Macbook, I was was thinking that was the way to go. Cute, quick, and small.

JustJen the awesome enabler showed me her new addition after Black Sheep last week. An HP Mini she purchased at Costco. It was cute, quick and small. It was also a whole lot less expensive than a new Macbook. Even with the webcam, blue tooth and hard drive bigger-than-I’ve-ever-had. Even on computers three times this size.

The extent of my computer use these days is blog surfacing and checkins with Facebook. That is where I hear from my kids (and cyberstalk them a teensy bit). I don’t watch movies on my computer. I occasionally download music, but since I can now download to my iPhone even that has been reduced. With three USB ports I could connect the Western Digital external hard drive Marc passed onto me, my camera and my phone at the same time.

So Mom, look what came home with me yesterday? Toshiba fun! Can I keep it? Huh can I??

I’m revving the motor in the drive way right now? Want to go for a spin??

With the two year, drive over it with a semi warranty from Best Buy I still came in a half the cost of the Mac.

If you have read the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” you might recognize the title. It’s a lovely book, although there are many who would disagree heaven even exists, let alone get to party with your peeps one last time. I think it sums up what I’ve been trying to keep at the fore front of my life. Shit happens, lives change, things change. There is so much bitter and so very much sweet if we would only look for it, and recognize it when we meet it. So many times our experience doesn’t meet or match what we think should or must be. Yet we fight so hard to keep it. Hopefully one day we just let go and fall into something new and difficult. It’s the holding onto the relationship, possession or idea that has caused so much pain. I’m trying to help my kids move on, but it’s hard with so little life experience under their belt.

Wish me luck in the coming weeks and months as we work toward jobs and college and fraying of ties and binding up of new ones. When I see the power of a little twist in fiber I know we can be stronger in the broken places. In twisting we sometimes face a different direction and can see things a little more clearly.

I’m very grateful for my new job and for being 51 and healthy and for my friends and the time I get to spend with them just laughing and talking. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today I went to Black Sheep Gathering with my friend JustJen. We had a blast. The most amazing thing happened. I walked by Judith MacKenzie McCuin signing her new book The Intentional Spinner outside the Carolina Homespun booth. There wasn’t a line yet so I bought her book, and stood next to her while Jen shot a few pics from her new iPhone (which she adores).

Me and JMM hanging at BSG

I really did look that happy, and I think I babbled alot. Judith was so gracious and she thanked me for buying her book and we talked about Sock Summit.

Good lord I am a JMM groupie.

Tomorrow Just Jen and I will make our second annual pilgrimage to Black Sheep Gathering. I’m so excited to visit the vendor booths. My class was canceled for lack of sign ups but it’s ok with me because I’m happy to just go the one day and mingle. It gives me another day at home to get recovered from the last two weeks of bizzy bizzy bizzy!

I have many projects that need photographing for Ravelry which I hope to get to this weekend, but for now it’s off to fill the car with gas and buy a few groceries.

I’ve been having a blast with knitting and spinning. I’m hoping to produce 2 oz of yak and silk yarn to take back to Black Sheep Gathering to show the gal at Fine Fibers. It’s only taken me a year!

I’ve nearly completed one of the prairie boots and I will try the second with a smaller needle and let her decide. It’s a quick knit so I don’t feel bad. Sideways Spencer Redux got a redux. But it’s also a quick knit. That’s the pattern I may take to Charting class at BSG.

Started Queen of Beads socks since I completed the toe up Leaflings. Third time was a charm!

The magic gerbils in my phone sent this message to the innernets. It’s a miracle

Kids do move along their continuum and eventually graduate from school. There is also a graduation day of sorts for parents. The time when they hand over the reins of the day to day to these former infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, tomboys, tweenager and finally adults. Even if adulthood is conferred by government decree, not behavior.

I think my daughter is as ready as she can be. I am mostly sure of my readiness. The future for her is largely limited by her imagination. For me the future is less open and pointed at an inevitabilty I don’t yet grasp fully or comfortably. But, I’m not alone in my journey. Happily I have friends and family to join me. Today I graduate to a freer life.

Here’s to what’s coming down the pike!

Last night was the Senior Awards ceremony for my newly minted adult child. With kids you are never guaranteed success at any stage. Based on the volume of bling dangling from her neck at the end of the evening I would say we have both done a great job.

I’ll drink to that!

Tracy Irwin

I’ve been quiet lately, too quiet! Mostly because I can no longer post from work. I’m cut off! But now I find that WordPress will allow me to post via email.

So this is officially a test. Only a test.

Tell me what you think!