I’m working on Shawl that Jazz and I am almost finished. Made from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Geisha Colorways Typhoon Tina and Downpour held together.

Shawl that Jazz by Samro

I didn’t think they would go together either, but they do. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, like Rogers and Astaire, like. Ok, I’ll stop.

I’m on a serious tear to finish this one because lookie what I’ve been up to. Each one of those bags holds a project on the needles. Pay no attention to the yarn behind the project bag. It’s nothing. Really


In other news there is Yak and silk from Fine Fibers purchased from Nancy Martin of Fine Fibers at BSG. It used to look like this. Unspun bit o' heaven

Possibly the nicest stuff I’ve ever worked with.