10. Because at the end of a long day working I do not have a pair of socks or a sweater.

09. There is no work equivalent to a yarn store. I don’t go to the work store and enhance stash. I just get more work, no fun exploratory visit required.

08. There are no co-workers in knitting, just co-conspirators, which is way more fun.

07. Visiting another office of your employer is NOT like visiting a new yarn store in a new location.

06. I do not lose brain cells, hair or sleep over patterns (usually). I frequently lose all three over work.

05. Knitting does not require talking, cajoling, pacifying, or expenditures of 55 hours of my life to be completed without compensating me with something lovely. Yes money is lovely. I’m not discounting the money…. This is my ten – you can make up your own.

04. Work is not a trip through color and texture. The dude on the corner that just ralphed up breakfast not withstanding.

03. Fiber does not call 15 times in one day to ask if it’s done yet. I check in with fiber 15 times per day to see if it’s done yet. That’s different.

02. Sheep, goats, bunnies, alpacas. Nuf said.

And my top reason why fiber is better than work…..drumroll please……

01. Yarn cannot swipe your food out of the office refrigerator and eat it without telling you.