I’m wrestling with my demons this week. There is nothing pretty about it. This is the tough stuff. When you feel that no action is good, because any action would expose you to more heartache and anxiety. I realized that the pain in my neck, shoulders and back is almost entirely attributable to the depth of my anxiety.

Yesterday in the midst of it all I went on a bike ride and a nice long walk. Now I am listening to the dog snore and contemplating the merits of mowing the lawn before it rains again.

The bike ride made for a good change of pace, and a realization that I have the job and the job doesn’t have me. Furthermore if the job can’t recognize a good employee when they see one, well it’s truly their loss.

I had almost forgotten how to enjoy a summer day, or so I thought until I biked off to the library, grinning from ear to ear. A bike has always managed to reconnect me with my inner kid, and yesterday was no different.

But here is a fun project I’ve been too busy with socks to start. I decided that I have sock club and sock club doesn’t have me, and if I want to take a break from knitting said socks (truly I am only postponing the ripping back of Leafling to allow for a better fitting foot), then hats and shawls and scarves (oh my!) it will be.

The irony of the hat knitting beginning as warm weather arrives is not lost on me. But it looks so pretty and is such an easy knit. And it says for experienced knitters on the pattern – AND IT IS SO NOT KICKING MY BUTT.

Celtic Bunny Hat made with Angora Blend.

Bought this at Black Sheep Gathering last June. I need look sheepish no more when I pass by the Toots La Blanc booth and can’t buy anything new because I haven’t knit what I have.

Bunny hat