I spent a few a days looking through my High School Yearbooks searching for a particular entry from a person at school whom I loved and respected. Her name was Susan and she was in art class with me. Remember we are searching for clues to the whereabouts of myself.

Her written entry is much like a blog post. Or what a blog post should be. It’s well written and specific. Specific to me. And, it was pretty revealing. I loved fiber even then.

Susan wished for me a life filled with gardening, puttering, child rearing and love. Plus a good bubble bath thrown in now and again.
And KNITTING. We actually talked about knitting sweaters in art class. The Art class from heaven where I learned to make jewelery and silk screen and pen and ink sketches. I still have, and wear the earrings. I still have the beautifully embroidered dress and the quilt. Somewhere inside of me the girl still lives on.

Funny thing is someone else also mentioned belly dancing in one of the entries. Me and belly dancing. I’ve taken a few lessons over the last few years and I’d like to get back to it.

Spring is sprung here in Corntown! Time to paint with flowers in the flower pots.