It’s hard to believe that I have been knitting pair after pair of socks TOO BIG. This was recently called to my attention after a class at sock camp where I came away knitting a sock with only 48 stitches in it. 48. Not the 66 I’ve been using.

It makes me want to cry when I see how floppy and stupid my other socks look now. I’m wondering if all the other sock knitters were laughing at me behind my back. Tracy has floppy socks.

Well I know they weren’t doing that because sock knitters as a general rule are way too nice and way too busy knitting to laugh at someone. And we’ve all had our ill fitting projects.

Never again will I blindly increase until I reach 66 stitches. I’ve just saved some yarn and the heartbreak of floppy sock-itis. I vow to cast on the smallest size of sock, and knit for length.

At least until I encounter a sock pattern that requires more stitches. I’m wondering if maybe I can wash and dry these in the dryer. Oh yeah, it’s superwash.