I wrapped up a 55 hour week and the thought of a keyboard made me ill. I have to ask myself. Why? This jobs shows me no such allegiance. It’s because I want to do a good job no matter what I do. SO I can have peace of mind that I’ve tried my hardest.

I’ve enjoyed having my Dad here. He’s home all day and it makes life richer to have another person around. My kids head out to my sister’s in two weeks and I think I will need to schedule something several nights to make sure that I don’t slip into despair until Marc and the kids return.

I’m starting to face the reality that things will be very different at the end of May. Although there is still time for my employer to decide to keep me on, it seems more remote that it can happen every day that goes by without and answer.

Time will tell. I hope, this week, to get back into exercising and taking better care of myself. I’ve been so tense that my back and shoulders have been really bound up. I’m going to work on that when the kids are gone.

Sock camp is quickly approaching. I am knitting the homewrok and having a blast in designing it. To remain nameless and revealed only after sock camp is done.

Say a prayer for me if you think of it, that a job is found.