I was alone for most of last week. That is not necessarily the best thing for me right now. Too much alone time = Tracy letting her mind run free across all possible out of work scenarios.

The kids have been busy with Oliver! rehearsals. Marc, the wonder sweetie was back in Baltimore. I was here. With the dog. Me and the dog, the dog and me. And my laptop. Me my dog and the laptop. And my bathrobe. Well you get the idea.

I still shower every morning. I put my feet on the floor and get to work. But it’s wierd. I want to go out at night now just to have some interaction. I’m not agoraphobic, I just work at home. No co-workers, no water cooler talk other than what I receive and send over Instant Messenger.

I’m still hitting the elliptical, I eat right, get sleep. There is still an adjustment to no drive, no co-worker interaction. I can let my mind wander down paths that I don’t need to travel.

Marc flew in last night. Kids will be home before 10:30 pm next week and I’ll make dinner instead of just working non-stop for 12 hours.

This weekend my sister and her sweetheart fly in for Oliver. Next week my Dad arrives for Oliver and some family time.

It will give me something to attach to and take hold of. Structure is good. Interaction plus structure is even better. Tonight I turn off my alarm and my job seeking brain for awhile. I’m ready to let go of the rope I’ve been climbing and rest.

Only 24 days till sock camp!