That is what this weekend was. Mercy. After a 50 hour work week (where I am over performing at work in hopes someone will notice and keep me on) I took a well deserved break and spent the day with Just Jen. We went on an excursion to the eastside and visited Abundant Yarn and Twisted on Broadway. Yes, yarn stores.

I did not buy any yarn. I did knit and tink a few rows of Leafling. Didn’t dare bring out the Estonian shawl. Turns out it was mucked up anyway. I wet blocked portions of it on the needles and the truth was known. I’d slid sideways on one of the “business” rows. Business rows, that’s like the business end of a gun, where all the action happens. Business rows in lace are where you have the opportunity to really make a mess and then the designer gives you a mercy row of purl all the way back. So I pulled everything out to the knitted cast on, which was remarkably resistant to dissolving into dropped stitches.

I’ve knit cast ons, and you know who you are, with yarn, and you know who YOU are, that was given to unraveling with a puff of breath no bigger than a hummingbird’s. This cast on is solid, like concrete.

We ran into Duffy at Abundant, and had some lunch. Both places were lousy with knitters and it was a happy sound.

At Twisted both Jen and I had BMFA Geisha (merino, silk and nylon) that we were looking to knit and what did we see, but a beautiful shawl knit completely out of Geisha. It was serendipitous, we had the Geisha we just needed a pattern. We both bought the pattern. I also got to see Shannon’s lovely belly. She’s pregnant! and sooo very cute.

Happily I drove home with visions of shawls and socks in my head.

A momentous occasion on Sunday. I unpacked the LAST box from the move in 2006. I am attempting to make the guest room a little more hospitable and a part of that is clearing out the clutter and allowing some space to be for – well – guests.

And then I cleaned. I know that doesn’t sound like a mercy, but it was. Truly. I’m ready for company, and more than ready to have Marc come back.