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I made this the last year of High School and tied it my first year of college. It’s showing it’s age. The colors are faded but it’s still wonderful to curl up with – gently.

My One and Only Quilt

When life gives you lemons

I got these lemons from my sister. This color never fails to make me happy.

This is my Ivy League vest, my favorite scarf and my favorite beverage. I’ve still got the red and green (pink and green) thing going here. I sat on the floor of Woodland Woolworks for over an hour pulling colors on and off the shelf before selecting 12. The original design had 8 I think. It was a wonderful day when I carried home those 12 colors and spread them out on the table. I had been driving back and forth to work and watching autumn unfold. Mucho inspiration.

This says cozy.

For sock camp homework – that’s HOMEWORK for those spelling assmuppets out there – we have to collect colors that make us happy and those that make us less than comfortable. Apparently I misspelled homework in a previous post. LIKE – I – CARE!

Well here is a color combination that makes me all soft and squishy inside. The delicate blush of magnolia pink with a stripe of deeper purple pink along the petal against a green leaf. A magnolia that is just beginning to bloom. It’s the colors I chose for my wedding. It is the color of innocence and sweetness and new beginnings.

Magnificent Magnolia

I wrapped up a 55 hour week and the thought of a keyboard made me ill. I have to ask myself. Why? This jobs shows me no such allegiance. It’s because I want to do a good job no matter what I do. SO I can have peace of mind that I’ve tried my hardest.

I’ve enjoyed having my Dad here. He’s home all day and it makes life richer to have another person around. My kids head out to my sister’s in two weeks and I think I will need to schedule something several nights to make sure that I don’t slip into despair until Marc and the kids return.

I’m starting to face the reality that things will be very different at the end of May. Although there is still time for my employer to decide to keep me on, it seems more remote that it can happen every day that goes by without and answer.

Time will tell. I hope, this week, to get back into exercising and taking better care of myself. I’ve been so tense that my back and shoulders have been really bound up. I’m going to work on that when the kids are gone.

Sock camp is quickly approaching. I am knitting the homewrok and having a blast in designing it. To remain nameless and revealed only after sock camp is done.

Say a prayer for me if you think of it, that a job is found.

Some very cute photos that Marc took last night at the performance. My oldest is the Artful Dodger and my youngest is in the chorus. They had me at Food Glorius Food!

I was alone for most of last week. That is not necessarily the best thing for me right now. Too much alone time = Tracy letting her mind run free across all possible out of work scenarios.

The kids have been busy with Oliver! rehearsals. Marc, the wonder sweetie was back in Baltimore. I was here. With the dog. Me and the dog, the dog and me. And my laptop. Me my dog and the laptop. And my bathrobe. Well you get the idea.

I still shower every morning. I put my feet on the floor and get to work. But it’s wierd. I want to go out at night now just to have some interaction. I’m not agoraphobic, I just work at home. No co-workers, no water cooler talk other than what I receive and send over Instant Messenger.

I’m still hitting the elliptical, I eat right, get sleep. There is still an adjustment to no drive, no co-worker interaction. I can let my mind wander down paths that I don’t need to travel.

Marc flew in last night. Kids will be home before 10:30 pm next week and I’ll make dinner instead of just working non-stop for 12 hours.

This weekend my sister and her sweetheart fly in for Oliver. Next week my Dad arrives for Oliver and some family time.

It will give me something to attach to and take hold of. Structure is good. Interaction plus structure is even better. Tonight I turn off my alarm and my job seeking brain for awhile. I’m ready to let go of the rope I’ve been climbing and rest.

Only 24 days till sock camp!

That is what this weekend was. Mercy. After a 50 hour work week (where I am over performing at work in hopes someone will notice and keep me on) I took a well deserved break and spent the day with Just Jen. We went on an excursion to the eastside and visited Abundant Yarn and Twisted on Broadway. Yes, yarn stores.

I did not buy any yarn. I did knit and tink a few rows of Leafling. Didn’t dare bring out the Estonian shawl. Turns out it was mucked up anyway. I wet blocked portions of it on the needles and the truth was known. I’d slid sideways on one of the “business” rows. Business rows, that’s like the business end of a gun, where all the action happens. Business rows in lace are where you have the opportunity to really make a mess and then the designer gives you a mercy row of purl all the way back. So I pulled everything out to the knitted cast on, which was remarkably resistant to dissolving into dropped stitches.

I’ve knit cast ons, and you know who you are, with yarn, and you know who YOU are, that was given to unraveling with a puff of breath no bigger than a hummingbird’s. This cast on is solid, like concrete.

We ran into Duffy at Abundant, and had some lunch. Both places were lousy with knitters and it was a happy sound.

At Twisted both Jen and I had BMFA Geisha (merino, silk and nylon) that we were looking to knit and what did we see, but a beautiful shawl knit completely out of Geisha. It was serendipitous, we had the Geisha we just needed a pattern. We both bought the pattern. I also got to see Shannon’s lovely belly. She’s pregnant! and sooo very cute.

Happily I drove home with visions of shawls and socks in my head.

A momentous occasion on Sunday. I unpacked the LAST box from the move in 2006. I am attempting to make the guest room a little more hospitable and a part of that is clearing out the clutter and allowing some space to be for – well – guests.

And then I cleaned. I know that doesn’t sound like a mercy, but it was. Truly. I’m ready for company, and more than ready to have Marc come back.