I’ve had a lot of news lately. I’m leaving it at that, news. It implies no good or bad thing, just new things. Things that need dealing with. With equanimity.

That’s my new word. Equanimity. Composure, Sangfroid. My underwear bunches up, I pull it down. Evenness of mind under stress. The controlling of emotional or mental agitation by an effort of will or as a matter of habit.

And then there is this: A gift of such blinding generosity that it can only be accepted with the humblest of responses. True, unpolished gratitude.

And then I pogo around the room like Tigger on Meth.



Some of you might have seen this coming. My Marc, the Wonder Sweetie is a very generous person. I have been a party to his generosity in it’s many forms over the last five years. Marc loves a good time and he loves to share it with people. Especially the people he loves


I did not see this coming. No. Really. I did not. So I raced to contact anyone I knew that might know if sock camp was still open for registration. I called Just Jen, I called Blue Moon. I blogged on the Blue Moon site.

The next morning I was in touch with Blue Moon. They still had a few spots. JoAnn had saved one for me when she picked up my call that morning. I cried with happiness. I pogo-ed like Tigger on meth.

And then I looked at the resort website and called to book my room. I put my name in for a roomie. I heaved a deleriously happy sigh of relief. I am going to sock camp. I uncancelled my vacation at work.

The excitement is building already. Kayaking, KNITTING, yoga, KNITTING, yarn, KNTTING!! Yarn Harlot, KNITTING, Tina teaching us how to dye, KNITTING. And I don’t have or cook or clean. How will I wait until March. Somebody pinch me.

I’m going to camp! Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bounce

Bouncing is what Tiggers DO

Bouncing is what Tiggers DO