Here’s a quick run down of the events

I love my new tooth. I eat apples again without cutting them up

I am working from home for the next 4 months as my employer abruptly closed the office. More on that later

Run do not walk to pick up a copy of the movie “Things We Lost in The Fire”, from your local video store (or Netflix). Benecio del Toro is riveting. You will not sit comfortably through this movie. It is masterful and a revelation. More on that later too.

Oldest of my progeny has been accepted to a college in New York. Let the fun and games begin.

I hope the writer’s block that struck me over the last 2 weeks will free up and I will have something to say other than Gahhh! Uhhh! soon.

I’m terrified by the way. And I am putting one foot in front of the other