I’m sorry to say that I felt like a patriot today. That word carries with it some-not-so-great connotations for me personally. The Patriot Act is probably the worst of it for me. Like so much of what passes for content today, it seems like mechandising or marketing to make something sound like it’s so much better, or more patriotic than it really is.

I can’t watch the smile on Pete Seeger’s face and not feel like I’m in his head. “This is the coolest thing EVER.” This man has worked his music for this cause for ever. I can’t think of a better cherry on the sundae of his career.

Don’t even get me started on Bono and Bruce Springsteen. Made this little baby boomer heart beat faster.

Did you see all of the faces? Lots of colors, shapes and sizes. The face of America, black, brown, white. No matter what your political belief or religious affiliation, this is how we are.

I feel this palpable sense of relief as the days count down to January 20. Bush will not be president forever. We have a chance to begin anew.

How do we teach ourselves not to end up here again?