I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the time that I waste doing things I don’t like to do. I am not talking about cleaning and organizing. I love to get things clean. I love to organize. It makes me feel good to straighten things up and set the world to right. Not everyone in my family is like this. In fact some people in my family think I am crazy. This habit also drives some people crazy.

There is so much about my job that I don’t like lately. The assigning of things that I’m not good at, the fear of losing my job. How do I dial those things back, and turn up the volume on the things I love.

Back to the perfection of the title. This was one of the best Christmas’ ever for me. We had a tree (the leaning tree of Treeza). We had lights, we had decorations, we had amazing food. We had peace on earth in our corner of the world. My oldest stopped behaving like she was the Empress of Voguelandia who deserved nothing less than 24/7/365 groveling of us lesser humans. Besides her new beaux has a mother who makes TRUFFLES!! for Christmas every year. He’s a keeper.

My Youngest got us to play Cranium and the Dreidel. She loves board games. She made me the cutest apron. It’s harder for me to wear it this time of year because I have bulky sweaters on, but let me tell you, it it CUTE!

And then there is Marc the wonder sweetie. No drama, just love and an understanding of what it is that makes a good gift for me. I now have a swift and ball winder – which I’ve been making good use of. My sweetie, he is a gem among men. He tries really hard to get it right and it shows. I am not just speaking about gifts here. I mean in our relationship, he tries, really hard.

That’s way better than truffles