There was a time when I was a cat person. Cats and I, we go waaaay back. They don’t require pooper scooping unless you are a responsible member of society and manage a cat litter box. They are independent and stand offish in a way that I can appreciate. They have small bodies and don’t shed as much as a large dog.

Then I had children and became a dog person by force. It wasn’t a natural change but instead a losing battle fought with slobber, dog hair and lots and lots of money.

I loved to play with my cat. Dangling bits of string or yarn for it to play with. The uncoordinated jumping and herky jerky movements of a kitten while it hunted the cat toy du jour are some of my favorite memories of my childhood. Watching it pounce on the unsuspecting catnip mouse and bat it senseless still has the power to make me smile.

So this morning I am sitting at my desk working at home due to inclement weather. I hear a buzz and feel a vibration. Like many of us with cell phones, that is a part of daily life. I sometimes feel a buzz and hear a chime even when there isn’t one. I look up and figure it’s my phone. Nope, it’s not.

Then it happens again,
and again,
and again.
And again! Every 5 minutes.

I pounce on the couch and start pushing the cushions around. Nope. I lift the couch and search underneath. I open drawers. Lift blankets and pillows shuffle papers.

This goes on for 45 minutes. Then I realize, it’s over my head.


Visions of a cat being taunted with a laser pointer go through my mind. What crazy piece of nonsense is this?

The next time it happens I run upstairs and there it is, my daughter’s cell phone sitting on a tile countertop, vibrating away.

I’m still a cat person! I act just like one