Now that is a heckuva title. Or tit-tle. I had my ultrasound last week. My beleaguered radiologist walked into the room and essentially said “Really now, stop coming back and having this thing looked at”. So I will.

It was my surgeon who wanted it checked out every 6 months in preparation for surgery this year. The surgeon who had no idea who I was when Epic Imaging called into the office to request doctors orders. Well if they don’t know who I am, I’m guessing I don’t need to know who they are anymore either.

TBR (the beleaguered radiologist) told me it hasn’t grown or budged and the tissue sample she retrieved was large enough that we don’t have to worry about cancer.

Imagine 2009 with no surgeries to speak of. I should have my tooth by the end of January.

The cloning anemone sock is kicking my butt. I’ve ripped the second sock again. Sigh!