This is the true story of the winding of my 1240 yard ball of Great Wall yarn I purchased at the Blue Moon De-Stashing sale.

It took me three swifts and the better part of an hour.  Honest.  There are some pictures of it.  I got my biceps workout for the next 3 weeks as I switched hands.  I managed to thread everything wrong and wind in reverse directions without meaning to or needing to.  It was as hard as learning to spin.

But here it is.  In real life it’s almost as big as my head.  I’m hoping for it to be a sweater for Marc – Merino and bamboo.

Great Ball of Yarn

This is also a story of the puppy soft Geisha. Yes there are 5 skeins. 2 of them (Tina Typhoon and Downpour) are destined to be Modern Quilt wrap. It will be a very different take on it for sure. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s late and I’m brain dead.

Geisha Goodness