I had the absolute good fortune to spend the day at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts De-Stashing sale.

My Ravelry friend Just Jen drove over at we arrived nearly an hour early, and there was already 10 people in line.  It was catch up time for Jen with the members of Sock Camp last year and I loved listening in.

I can’t really convey how much fun I had yesterday.  I’m not sure anyone but another fiber geek would get it.  I sat for over three hours in the company of some very funny (very happy and fiber sated) women.  We laughed we knit, we unknit (laughing and talking and knitting are sometimes counter productive).

The shopping was amazing, even though I wasn’t sure what I would find.  I already have more sock yarn than I can knit in the near future but it was so much more than sock yarn.

To that end I came away with a skein of lightweight and a pattern for Lenore socks, which I didn’t have.  A GIANT skein of Bamboo and merino – more on the battle to skein that sucker later.  5 skeins of Geisha in different colorways for making shawls and as a free gift with purchase New Pathways for Sock Knitters which I paged through instead of knitting for awhile. (See paragraph about knitting and unknitting above).  One clear plastic Rockin Sock Club tote to hold it all.

It was awesome dudes, I’m telling you.  And I got to be there