There is a flat screen TV in the house.  It’s Marc the wonder sweetie’s Christmas present to the house.  It’s truly awesome and completely freaks me out.

I know this is a guy thing.  I only watch TV when I’m home by myself.  Even then, I’m not paying much attention.  It’s more background noise to keep me from feeling lonely than actual sitting down and watching TV.

The thing truly is a wonder.  Crisp, beautiful picture, and Marc spent a lot of time doing research to find the right fit as far as energy consumption and dimensions.  It’s a great choice.

But these things always leave my Zen self with a dilemma.  Now I have two TVs and three cars.   I consider this much better than the summer of 2006 when I had two houses and two cars.  That was scary beyond words and a place I don’t like to visit unless I want to give myself a case of the heebie jeebies.  Understand that I was reluctant to get a microwave or a cell phone for many years.  It’s a borderline case of Luddite-ism.

This is Marc’s purchase and as such belongs to him.  But now there is a TV setting upstairs on the floor looking quite forlorn and I must come up with something to put it on and something to sit in for people to watch it.  MORE STUFF.  Yikes!

It’s ok and it will continue to be ok.  I have to adjust myself to life a little bit roomier than I’m used to or ever dreamed of.  For the love of Pete I didn’t even used to have a yarn stash (things are a bit roomier there as well ahem).

So, I am trying to be inspired and excited and not afraid and obstructive.  It’s harder than I thought.

The future holds many unknowns for me right now.  Will I have breast surgery next year? Will my dental implant actually hold a tooth.  Will it look nice or just funky?  Will I have a job next year?  How will I afford college for my girls or their dental appointments which just cost me 200 dollars.

Crap.  How did life ever get so complicated or hard?  It seems the roomier my life gets, the more complicated it is.  I closed my eyes and peeked at the cell phone plan we chose when the girls and I got our new phones.  It’s supposed to have unlimited texting.  I actually winced.  There it was, one girl had used 3000 of UNLIMITED messages.  To say I was relieved is like saying my kids like to text a little.  I half expected to see the over the limit symbol with a 6 figure price tag next to it.  it wouldn’t have surprised me at all.

I suppose it’s a fair trade off, some complication for a little room, I just need some time to adjust.