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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the time that I waste doing things I don’t like to do. I am not talking about cleaning and organizing. I love to get things clean. I love to organize. It makes me feel good to straighten things up and set the world to right. Not everyone in my family is like this. In fact some people in my family think I am crazy. This habit also drives some people crazy.

There is so much about my job that I don’t like lately. The assigning of things that I’m not good at, the fear of losing my job. How do I dial those things back, and turn up the volume on the things I love.

Back to the perfection of the title. This was one of the best Christmas’ ever for me. We had a tree (the leaning tree of Treeza). We had lights, we had decorations, we had amazing food. We had peace on earth in our corner of the world. My oldest stopped behaving like she was the Empress of Voguelandia who deserved nothing less than 24/7/365 groveling of us lesser humans. Besides her new beaux has a mother who makes TRUFFLES!! for Christmas every year. He’s a keeper.

My Youngest got us to play Cranium and the Dreidel. She loves board games. She made me the cutest apron. It’s harder for me to wear it this time of year because I have bulky sweaters on, but let me tell you, it it CUTE!

And then there is Marc the wonder sweetie. No drama, just love and an understanding of what it is that makes a good gift for me. I now have a swift and ball winder – which I’ve been making good use of. My sweetie, he is a gem among men. He tries really hard to get it right and it shows. I am not just speaking about gifts here. I mean in our relationship, he tries, really hard.

That’s way better than truffles

There was a time when I was a cat person. Cats and I, we go waaaay back. They don’t require pooper scooping unless you are a responsible member of society and manage a cat litter box. They are independent and stand offish in a way that I can appreciate. They have small bodies and don’t shed as much as a large dog.

Then I had children and became a dog person by force. It wasn’t a natural change but instead a losing battle fought with slobber, dog hair and lots and lots of money.

I loved to play with my cat. Dangling bits of string or yarn for it to play with. The uncoordinated jumping and herky jerky movements of a kitten while it hunted the cat toy du jour are some of my favorite memories of my childhood. Watching it pounce on the unsuspecting catnip mouse and bat it senseless still has the power to make me smile.

So this morning I am sitting at my desk working at home due to inclement weather. I hear a buzz and feel a vibration. Like many of us with cell phones, that is a part of daily life. I sometimes feel a buzz and hear a chime even when there isn’t one. I look up and figure it’s my phone. Nope, it’s not.

Then it happens again,
and again,
and again.
And again! Every 5 minutes.

I pounce on the couch and start pushing the cushions around. Nope. I lift the couch and search underneath. I open drawers. Lift blankets and pillows shuffle papers.

This goes on for 45 minutes. Then I realize, it’s over my head.


Visions of a cat being taunted with a laser pointer go through my mind. What crazy piece of nonsense is this?

The next time it happens I run upstairs and there it is, my daughter’s cell phone sitting on a tile countertop, vibrating away.

I’m still a cat person! I act just like one

Now that is a heckuva title. Or tit-tle. I had my ultrasound last week. My beleaguered radiologist walked into the room and essentially said “Really now, stop coming back and having this thing looked at”. So I will.

It was my surgeon who wanted it checked out every 6 months in preparation for surgery this year. The surgeon who had no idea who I was when Epic Imaging called into the office to request doctors orders. Well if they don’t know who I am, I’m guessing I don’t need to know who they are anymore either.

TBR (the beleaguered radiologist) told me it hasn’t grown or budged and the tissue sample she retrieved was large enough that we don’t have to worry about cancer.

Imagine 2009 with no surgeries to speak of. I should have my tooth by the end of January.

The cloning anemone sock is kicking my butt. I’ve ripped the second sock again. Sigh!

This is the true story of the winding of my 1240 yard ball of Great Wall yarn I purchased at the Blue Moon De-Stashing sale.

It took me three swifts and the better part of an hour.  Honest.  There are some pictures of it.  I got my biceps workout for the next 3 weeks as I switched hands.  I managed to thread everything wrong and wind in reverse directions without meaning to or needing to.  It was as hard as learning to spin.

But here it is.  In real life it’s almost as big as my head.  I’m hoping for it to be a sweater for Marc – Merino and bamboo.

Great Ball of Yarn

This is also a story of the puppy soft Geisha. Yes there are 5 skeins. 2 of them (Tina Typhoon and Downpour) are destined to be Modern Quilt wrap. It will be a very different take on it for sure. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s late and I’m brain dead.

Geisha Goodness

I had the absolute good fortune to spend the day at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts De-Stashing sale.

My Ravelry friend Just Jen drove over at we arrived nearly an hour early, and there was already 10 people in line.  It was catch up time for Jen with the members of Sock Camp last year and I loved listening in.

I can’t really convey how much fun I had yesterday.  I’m not sure anyone but another fiber geek would get it.  I sat for over three hours in the company of some very funny (very happy and fiber sated) women.  We laughed we knit, we unknit (laughing and talking and knitting are sometimes counter productive).

The shopping was amazing, even though I wasn’t sure what I would find.  I already have more sock yarn than I can knit in the near future but it was so much more than sock yarn.

To that end I came away with a skein of lightweight and a pattern for Lenore socks, which I didn’t have.  A GIANT skein of Bamboo and merino – more on the battle to skein that sucker later.  5 skeins of Geisha in different colorways for making shawls and as a free gift with purchase New Pathways for Sock Knitters which I paged through instead of knitting for awhile. (See paragraph about knitting and unknitting above).  One clear plastic Rockin Sock Club tote to hold it all.

It was awesome dudes, I’m telling you.  And I got to be there

There is a flat screen TV in the house.  It’s Marc the wonder sweetie’s Christmas present to the house.  It’s truly awesome and completely freaks me out.

I know this is a guy thing.  I only watch TV when I’m home by myself.  Even then, I’m not paying much attention.  It’s more background noise to keep me from feeling lonely than actual sitting down and watching TV.

The thing truly is a wonder.  Crisp, beautiful picture, and Marc spent a lot of time doing research to find the right fit as far as energy consumption and dimensions.  It’s a great choice.

But these things always leave my Zen self with a dilemma.  Now I have two TVs and three cars.   I consider this much better than the summer of 2006 when I had two houses and two cars.  That was scary beyond words and a place I don’t like to visit unless I want to give myself a case of the heebie jeebies.  Understand that I was reluctant to get a microwave or a cell phone for many years.  It’s a borderline case of Luddite-ism.

This is Marc’s purchase and as such belongs to him.  But now there is a TV setting upstairs on the floor looking quite forlorn and I must come up with something to put it on and something to sit in for people to watch it.  MORE STUFF.  Yikes!

It’s ok and it will continue to be ok.  I have to adjust myself to life a little bit roomier than I’m used to or ever dreamed of.  For the love of Pete I didn’t even used to have a yarn stash (things are a bit roomier there as well ahem).

So, I am trying to be inspired and excited and not afraid and obstructive.  It’s harder than I thought.

The future holds many unknowns for me right now.  Will I have breast surgery next year? Will my dental implant actually hold a tooth.  Will it look nice or just funky?  Will I have a job next year?  How will I afford college for my girls or their dental appointments which just cost me 200 dollars.

Crap.  How did life ever get so complicated or hard?  It seems the roomier my life gets, the more complicated it is.  I closed my eyes and peeked at the cell phone plan we chose when the girls and I got our new phones.  It’s supposed to have unlimited texting.  I actually winced.  There it was, one girl had used 3000 of UNLIMITED messages.  To say I was relieved is like saying my kids like to text a little.  I half expected to see the over the limit symbol with a 6 figure price tag next to it.  it wouldn’t have surprised me at all.

I suppose it’s a fair trade off, some complication for a little room, I just need some time to adjust.