I have my newest project, the Sweet Tart Anklet, from BMFA, Rockin Sock Club nearly half way done.  One sock, in a week.  Now I know why people knit socks.  They are addictive.  Small bite-sized little projects that remind me of salted peanuts, it’s hard to knit just one, or one pair for that matter.

This pair will go to my daughter.  Then I’ll start the Tidepooling sock, also known as the Knitted Flipper or Platypus sock for those new to sock knitting.

I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m doing sockwise.  I’m building up for the big humbling that must be coming.

On a lighter note.  Both my co-workers now have their yarn and needles in the office.  I’m a good little enabler, yes I am!