Marc will show up tonight.  I will go pick him up and life will seem more normal, more centered.  There are places in our hearts that will rest easy knowing we can roll over and hear each other breathe and spoon for comfort.

The world is a strange place and getting stranger all the time.  I’m wondering where the bottom will be for the financial crisis.  The money I set aside for my daughter’s college will be dwindled down to nothing in the next few months.  I still have 20 years till retirement so I can make some of this money back, but my daughter doesn’t have that time.  I wonder if she will be able to go to college next year.  I think she will, but it should be interesting getting her there.

I am knitting the Sweet Tart Anklet from Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club for her.  It’s a happy combination of pastels.  I hope it can inject some sunny disposition into this decidedly dreary day.