Last night I sat with my kids in front of the television and watched history be made.  I couldn’t help it, I cried tears of relief.  We’ve been in this waking nightmare for 8 years.  Today I feel a glimmer of cautious hope.  I’m not sure I’ve fully assimilated all of it yet.

There are plenty of dangers and pitfalls ahead.  Obama is, despite my overwhelming support for him, a bit of an unknown quantity.  Watching him so sober last night was a good beginning.  He seems to grasp the enormity of the challenges we face ahead.  The speech he gave was one for the ages.  I hope, for his sake, that the rubber meets the road early.  Before cynicism sets in.  Australians have a phrase for it…  tall poppying.   Raise someone up to success and then beat them down for that same success.

Marc and I have brought this question up to many people since I first heard Marc say it.  At the end of the day what kind of the world do you want to live in?  I think it’s the quickest way to cut through the partisan bullsh*t and move to a discussion of what do we fix first and then what next.

At the end of the day we want to be safe, to have enough to eat and feed our families if we have them, decent shelter, the right to express ourselves.  It doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican those common themes stand out.

In 1968 the Chicago Democratic convention coined the phrase the whole world is watching.  I think all eyes are on us again.  The whole world is watching.  The whole world held it’s breath for a bit, and now we collectively get to exhale.  I hope in 40 more years we can sit back and say we made history.  That the US became a team player and that the world is better for it.

We can’t take our eye off of the juvenile frat boy from Texas in the Oval office for a second.  Nor can we let that miserable little wart of a man who personifies evil itself (Dick Cheney, in case you weren’t sure) play his usual games with our future.  Today, however, I am going to let that held breath out with a sigh of relief.

OK Obama, I’m game.  Yes we can!