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I know that totally sounds like a movie made in this century that is set in Edwardian England. Patience would be the heroine, but the title is an anachronistic thing, like Being Jane.

But it’s really about something else.  It’s about how I appear when I knit.  So many people have said to me, “I don’t have the patience to knit.”  I’m never sure what I should say back.   I am not a patient person.  Not that anyone would mistake me for one if they took my knitting away from me.

It’s the thing that keeps me sane.  And from saying things I shouldn’t.  And from freaking out in the car when my sweetie drives.

I don’t think I am actually any more patient, but for just a moment I can fool myself and others.

I spent 45 minutes in a parking lot on Saturday while other people shopped.  Many lives were saved on account of that sock.

On the house front, the Christmas lights are up.  As is our new cabinet in the laundry room, and the garage work bench/storage area is nearly complete.  All of this thanks to Marc the wonder sweetie who has been very.very busy indeed.


And that is why I bought the dishwasher in the first place.  I have an iPhone.  A gift from my sweetheart.  I can hear some of the eyes rolling from here.  What do I need an iPhone for?  To text my progeny apparently (more on that later).  But in truth I love my little phone.  Previously I was carrying a PDA, an iPod, and a cell phone.  Now that might not seem like much but the combined weight, and mixture of cords, that made their way to the bottom of my purse was making me crazy.  Now I just have one gadget and one cord in my purse.  My music, my contacts, and my ability to make phone calls are all in one place.  The interface to the iPhone is a way more intuitive than anything I have ever experienced.  I’m not one to generally swoon over gadgets, however, I swooned over my first iPod and this one even more so.

So no, it doesn’t wash my dishes, but that is why I bought a dishwasher.  And I’m going to have about 10 pounds less metal in my purse.  I’ll try to get a picture of it and post it here.

I’ve had precious little knitting time lately.   My gloating over knowing what to do with knitting socks hasn’t ended in a socks disaster.  Instead, this time the jinx was on my knitting time.  I’ve been working more hours in a week than is normal for me.  It’s meant that I’ve been on the computer instead of knitting.  Or doing housework instead of knitting.  It’s left me very frazzled and sleeping in the few hours that I’m not at my computer.  I spent 11 hours today working, with no lunch.  Actually, I ate lunch.  I just didn’t stop working.

This has put me in a good place as far as worklife,  vis-à-vis the Thanksgiving holiday.  When I wrap up tomorrow,  I should only have to pick up the computer to look at fun things and not to catch up for work.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  I’m going to go cook myself into a coma.

I have my newest project, the Sweet Tart Anklet, from BMFA, Rockin Sock Club nearly half way done.  One sock, in a week.  Now I know why people knit socks.  They are addictive.  Small bite-sized little projects that remind me of salted peanuts, it’s hard to knit just one, or one pair for that matter.

This pair will go to my daughter.  Then I’ll start the Tidepooling sock, also known as the Knitted Flipper or Platypus sock for those new to sock knitting.

I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m doing sockwise.  I’m building up for the big humbling that must be coming.

On a lighter note.  Both my co-workers now have their yarn and needles in the office.  I’m a good little enabler, yes I am!

Marc will show up tonight.  I will go pick him up and life will seem more normal, more centered.  There are places in our hearts that will rest easy knowing we can roll over and hear each other breathe and spoon for comfort.

The world is a strange place and getting stranger all the time.  I’m wondering where the bottom will be for the financial crisis.  The money I set aside for my daughter’s college will be dwindled down to nothing in the next few months.  I still have 20 years till retirement so I can make some of this money back, but my daughter doesn’t have that time.  I wonder if she will be able to go to college next year.  I think she will, but it should be interesting getting her there.

I am knitting the Sweet Tart Anklet from Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club for her.  It’s a happy combination of pastels.  I hope it can inject some sunny disposition into this decidedly dreary day.

One of my favorite days of the week and this one has been more than welcome and quite slow to come around.  This weekend is for sleep, reading, eating and yoga.  There will be some kid time.  My oldest has been more herself since she broke it offwith her boyfriend.  I actually like being around her again.

Still dealing with some disbelief that the election is well and truly over and the person most qualified for the job (and an honorable man to boot) appears to have won.

I got the Lopi book from the library and there are some lovely things in there for sure.  But suddenly my eye has been drawn back (snapped actually) to Mags Kandis’ Blanket wrap.  Mmmm

I dunno, I’m going to have to do more research!

Last night I sat with my kids in front of the television and watched history be made.  I couldn’t help it, I cried tears of relief.  We’ve been in this waking nightmare for 8 years.  Today I feel a glimmer of cautious hope.  I’m not sure I’ve fully assimilated all of it yet.

There are plenty of dangers and pitfalls ahead.  Obama is, despite my overwhelming support for him, a bit of an unknown quantity.  Watching him so sober last night was a good beginning.  He seems to grasp the enormity of the challenges we face ahead.  The speech he gave was one for the ages.  I hope, for his sake, that the rubber meets the road early.  Before cynicism sets in.  Australians have a phrase for it…  tall poppying.   Raise someone up to success and then beat them down for that same success.

Marc and I have brought this question up to many people since I first heard Marc say it.  At the end of the day what kind of the world do you want to live in?  I think it’s the quickest way to cut through the partisan bullsh*t and move to a discussion of what do we fix first and then what next.

At the end of the day we want to be safe, to have enough to eat and feed our families if we have them, decent shelter, the right to express ourselves.  It doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican those common themes stand out.

In 1968 the Chicago Democratic convention coined the phrase the whole world is watching.  I think all eyes are on us again.  The whole world is watching.  The whole world held it’s breath for a bit, and now we collectively get to exhale.  I hope in 40 more years we can sit back and say we made history.  That the US became a team player and that the world is better for it.

We can’t take our eye off of the juvenile frat boy from Texas in the Oval office for a second.  Nor can we let that miserable little wart of a man who personifies evil itself (Dick Cheney, in case you weren’t sure) play his usual games with our future.  Today, however, I am going to let that held breath out with a sigh of relief.

OK Obama, I’m game.  Yes we can!

I don’t know how many people remember the original Mr Clean.  He was this buff dude dressed all in white with the shiny bald head.  He was way more impressive than the gussied up cartoon White Tornado I’ve seen in the last few years.

Anyway, I’ve been working on the house over the weekend.  It’s the flip side of the lethargy I found myself in this summer.  I’ve been furiously busy dashing about while the mood lasts.  I feel as though I’m making up for lost time.  But the other thing I’m afraid of is the manic-ness of it.  I woke up at 5:30 on Sunday (which, as luck would have it, was Daylight Savings day and it was 4:30).   This morning I woke up at 3:30 because I went to bed at 8:30.

My whole body clock is messed up!  This is not good, I tend to get a lot paranoid and whiny.  Sleep is the object tonight – even if it requires the help of benadryl to make me drowsy.

I did manage some knitting on the Sauvie Islanders, and now I am contemplating a new project.  I knit fall into a sweater last year with the lovely Ivy League vest.  This year I want to knit winter into a sweater.  I think Reynolds Lopi and a real Lopi pattern are just the trick.  To that end I am checking out a book from the library on Lopi sweaters.  Free is a very good price.