Makes it sounds so safe and contained.   I’m living parenting as a contact sport right now.  I need a better padded helmet.

I’m betting this will all blow over at some point but my head and heart both hurt.  I’m not sure my oldest daughter and I will walk away friends at the end.  That’s the goal.  I’m just not sure we can get there from here.

This weekend is fall cleaning at the Frack, Irwin Wexler household.  The cleaning lady, who hasn’t visited in several months, is coming Monday.  I’m going to do the things that don’t often get done (window sills, baseboards, curtains washed), knit a little and work from home.  It’s a restorative to me to have everything bright and shiny in it’s place.

Sauvie Islander socks are nearly done.  Well 50% done.  I’ve just cast off the last stitches of the first sock.  It’s so stinkin cute I can hardly contain myself.