Believe it or not, I have laid my head, touching my right ear fully to the ground for the first time in probably 15 years.  No mountains of pillows holding up my shoulder

It felt amazing.  I have Bikram yoga to thank for this new addition to my physical abilities.  It has also meant I can knit longer and with less pain.

The place gets so hot that I just bake until my muscles just slide off my limbs.  I’m beyond sweaty and sometimes I’d like to run out of the studio and jump into a pond of cold water.  Mostly I just feel so flexible and happy in my body I can hardly beleive it

The next morning reality sets in.  Things start to contract again, and the spaciousness between each rib scrunches a bit, but for a short time I am 18 again and able to move as I want.

I celebrated 5 years at my place of employment today.  Have they all been happy? Not really, but as far as jobs go this is one of the better ones I have had.  In this economy that’s saying a lot.

Blessing to all of you