Today I fired a client.  Let me be clear.  I may be called on to work with them, but I’m not going to have to work with them on a regular basis where they are mine to deal with.

They are support’s problem now.

This client was verbally abusive to me once, and attempted to be so two more times after that.  I do know what I am doing in the electronic insurance claim world and I’m very dogged about tracking down answers in a timely fashion.  But that wasn’t enough for this client.

I realize that much of my ego is tied up in how endlessly helpful I can be even when it’s not my problem to fix.  Or when I am hopelessly out of my league.  Even when I don’t know the answer I will try to find out.

That’s what makes this person’s response all that more baffling.  But truly the other issue is that I should have sent them to support months ago.  I didn’t out of some misguided idear that I could provide them help better and faster.  Work has sped up so much in the last few months that there isn’t time for the nieceties and the endless research to make things better.

Still the person didn’t have to be a jerk.  So, whatever.  I sent them to support and good riddance.  Support can take several months to get back sometimes.  I hope the clinic likes that.

A lot.

Is that passive agressive behavior?

I think it might have been because my parakeet died.  I called the vet where I had adopted her out because I couldn’t afford her care any longer.  She was sick for longer and longer periods and the medicine an Dr visits were overwhelming my budget.  When I called to check up on her yesterday, the doctor picked up.  all of you know that if the doc picks up, it’s bad news.  Andi’s kidney’s had failed the third week of September.

In a way it’s a relief to know she is not hurting and that she died easy in their care.  They would have euthanized her instead of letting her suffer.  I would have come home to her feet up and stiff on the bottom of the cage.  It would have killed me.

So rest in peace dear Andi.  All blessings upon you.  I know you are in the big shower room up in heaven chirping away to the sound of water.  I was fortunate to have been your owner.  You made my life richer than any pet since my beloved cat Charlie.

Love wings it’s way to you.