Have you ever wondered why some blood draws are so good and some look like an elephant sat on your arm (and feel almost as bad?)

I don’t know what special magic this woman possessed this morning, but I am so grateful to her that she has the ability to do this so well.   I’m sure a fair amount of this was just practice, but some of it was attention to detail and the materials (skin, veins and ability to sit still).

I’m seeing that life is like that alot.  Sometimes I phone in the dinner I’ve made and it’s horrible, sometimes it’s just great.   The raw materials have a fair amount of input, did I use veggies that were past their prime?  Did I burn the garlic instead of saute it?  Was I trying to watch Oprah and gain some new financial insight from Suze Ormond instead of measuring the dry ingredients carefully?

How do I maximize the amount of time I spend with good attention, good ingredients and a practiced hand?  Meanwhile, the practice part dictates that I have to let go of the outcome while I, well… practice.  Do you see where I am headed here?  I want to follow the muse but it requires that I let go of the outcome, while fiercely paying attention and use the best ingredients I can muster.

Sounds like a recipe for a good life.  Appears to be really hard to do.