No it’s not a new stronger variant of the old bug spray Off!  It’s the Oregon Flock and Fiber festival.  I haven’t been in about 8 years and it’s definitley grown while I was away.

I didn’t spend much, although my Darlin Boy had given me some mad money.  I just couldn’t find anything to get all lathered up about.  The new Blue Moon Sock Yarn had arrived on Friday and I’ve got so many things waiting to be put on needles already.  First Ihave to finish the Wing o’ the Mutha shawl and then it’s Fair Isleing with Blue Moon socks for the youngest of my progeny.

I did buy some Darn Pretty exotic wood DPNs in the size to make the new BMFA pattern with the Tide Pooling yarn.

The highlight of the day was to sit with Tina the depraved dyer, JC Blair and Just Jen (plus Joan and  two sockateers and talk about nothing much in particular and  everything in the world.  We knit in the shade of a tree for an hour or so just laughing and talking.  The weather was perfect.  It doesn’t get better than that.

I’m sad to go back to work tomorrow.  I’d rather hang out and knit a little more.