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No it’s not a new stronger variant of the old bug spray Off!  It’s the Oregon Flock and Fiber festival.  I haven’t been in about 8 years and it’s definitley grown while I was away.

I didn’t spend much, although my Darlin Boy had given me some mad money.  I just couldn’t find anything to get all lathered up about.  The new Blue Moon Sock Yarn had arrived on Friday and I’ve got so many things waiting to be put on needles already.  First Ihave to finish the Wing o’ the Mutha shawl and then it’s Fair Isleing with Blue Moon socks for the youngest of my progeny.

I did buy some Darn Pretty exotic wood DPNs in the size to make the new BMFA pattern with the Tide Pooling yarn.

The highlight of the day was to sit with Tina the depraved dyer, JC Blair and Just Jen (plus Joan and  two sockateers and talk about nothing much in particular and  everything in the world.  We knit in the shade of a tree for an hour or so just laughing and talking.  The weather was perfect.  It doesn’t get better than that.

I’m sad to go back to work tomorrow.  I’d rather hang out and knit a little more.


Mind you, if you didn’t know I had a tooth pulled, and if I would stop myself from whipping said tooth and retainer combo out of my head for show and tell at the slightest provocation – maybe, just maybe we could all put this thing behind me.

I wasn’t one to spend much time in front of a mirror after I left my teens.  Lately I toy with leaving the lights off in the morning while I shower and apply moisturizer and brush my teeth.  It’s dark enough when I wake up, that I might actually feel an improvement in my mental state were I to do so.

I’ve made dining out such a problematic thing in my head that I’ve ruined perfectly good meals because I assumed that everyone would be as concerned about my missing tooth as I am.  I can hear “them” now.  Did you see that woman, if you could call her that.  SHE’s missing her FRONT tooth.

Pretty silly huh?

In other news the eldest of my progeny has lost her flipping mind and actually thinks I alone should give her enough money to buy enough wallet sized photos of herself to wall paper the entire high school with  tiny bits of her likeness.  Her father agreed to help pay, in October, if he could.  Unfortunately I have to pay for them now.  Not in October, not maybe.

Thank God for my parents.  I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on hitting your parents up for money?  I’m thinking 51 should be it, but apparently it’s not.

So the dental implant surgery was ok, but in the end I didn’t get a tooth out of it.  The dentist buried the post, but the tooth will have to wait for another day once the bone has grown around it, if the bone grows around it.

I’ve had some sadness about this especially since it requires me to wear a little retainer with a tooth on it.  Honestly I would have gone ahead with the surgery anyway at some point.  However, I might have chosen a different time to go for it.

There is a certain amount of sadness surrounding the loss of the tooth.  I can’t get it back.  Add to that the fact that my bone is softer and my hopes of instant osseointegration are dashed and it’s become an issue for me.  I spent several days obsessively researching what happens with Type IV bone implants and it’s not a slam dunk.

So time will tell.  I am reminded of my time being pregnant and having to wait for things to develop without being able to affect the outcome all that much.

I have no choice but to laugh at myself, especially when the tooth is out.  I look like some wild eyed homeless person.  I’m fond of tuning my head from side to side saying hillbilly – college grad – hillbilly – college grad

Well it does not take much to get me going down the path to stupid.