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At under an ounce total it’s not a huge amount of yarn, but it was a blast.
The red is my nearly ten year old Romney dyed with cherry Kool-Aid in the microwave. The white is bamboo and is underplied 😦 The Cafe con leche is tussah silk and cotton. All spun and plied on hand spindles.

I have to say that this was a successful challenge for me. It re-introduced me to spinning and also got me going on my hand spindles and plying on them for the first time.

I have selected the tussah and cotton yarn for a sweater project. I’m going to knit it up and see what it says to me about what it wants to be. The Romney may have to wait for another little bit, the bamboo I’m still not sure what it wants to be.

I did bake a pie – basically reduced a flat of berries to a pie, marionberry biscuits and anyberry jam. It’s been a great weekend.