Last night was better, although Andi isn’t better yet. Yes I keep calling to check on her. I did manage to scratch the car though. It totally bummed me out. The bikes fell forward onto the hood and put a little scratch and the smallest little dent.

I also have a big planter/urn that has decided to plug and won’t drain the water out. This is the herb pot and I don’t think it will be replanted this year. We have a giant rosemary plant named Audrey (FEED ME!), another sage plant but no parsley. But at the rate I’ve been cooking it doesn’t really matter. I haven’t wanted to make food and experiment like last year.

All of my free time is taken up with knitting.

I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich for dinner last night. It’s pathetic. Maybe I need to get a cookbook with 1001 delicious vegetarian meals for one person.

Knitting and spinning is going great. Although I seem to be undoing as much as I’m getting done in the knitting department. I’m taking it as an experimentation in design, try this, frog it, try that, frog it, find the thing I can live with. Tour de Fleece has been a good kick in the pants to get spinning on a regular basis again and I don’t need to spend much time doing it to make progress. I’ve been in love with the bamboo, now that I’ve figured out a way to reliably spin it. It comes out thin and fairly even.

More pics soon