So when it goes bad around here it goes from bad to worse. Last night I left work expecting to work from home. This morning, thankfully I took a shower early instead of waiting and went to plug in my computer and I turned it on.

No power cord.

Now as much as I love to think computers can do anything, I am not delusional enough to think they can run without juice.

I had waited to do everything else and suddenly it needed to be done in 20 minutes. Water the plants, let the dog out one more time, pack lunch and gym clothes, gulp tea.

I got here to work with my zippers zipped and my most everything I needed but I felt like I had a case of metaphysical whiplash. I am still feeling the disconnection – like I’m not quite all there. It also makes me want to stay home instead of going out to Sip and Stitch. I need a good talking to from myself.

Last night was no easier for me. I miss little bird so much, and I don’t have any decent pictures of her to post. The house seems so big and empty.