This morning I drove my much beloved parakeet Andi off to the Avian Medical Center for the last time. I bawled through the whole conversation with the nice woman behind the desk – it embarrases me no end that I can’t keep it under control.

Andi has had medical problems costing over 1,000 dollars since April of 2007. I have taken her to the vet at least 10 times since the problems started. The last time the bird specialist/vet let me take the medication home and I was able to begin treating her as soon as her troubles started. She rallied for a few days but this morning she was on day three of not eating and I just had to make the decision.

I still have to call her my daughter and tell her.

Andi was with us for almost 8 years. When she was well she was one of the cheeriest sights known to man. She was bright, spring green with banana yellow and her playfulness will stay with me always. My favorite recent memory was of her coming home from the vet and riding on the steering wheel so she could “drive” the car.

She will be adopted out. I think she is more suited to a home that has other birds and where people are home more during the day. I think that she suffered from depression when she was alone for too long and that made her get sick more easily.

So I packed everything up for her and put the table her cage sat on into a corner where I wouldn’t see it as readily. I’m going to miss her so much it make me cry just thinking about it, but my life is taking a different turn. I want to travel more and bringing in another bird would have meant double the responsibility and double the cost. My children are on their way out on their own wings and their schedules don’t include bird fussing.

I will have a hard time tonight walking in to an empty place in front of my bedroom window. I can stop temperature controlling that room now. I’ll miss our time together each morning when she sat on her high perch at the edge of the shower and chirped for me as I started my day.

I’m hoping someday I’ll have another bird for a pet when I travel less and I’m not so busy. A little green and yellow budgie