I left in less than my usual whirlwind on Friday because my Sweetie was in town and was a huge help to get all parties into the car and down the road. We had some minor traffic craziness on the way in and an issue with the dumbass rental car company – but after that it was golden.

My niece was radiant and the ceremony was short, sweet and funny. Very touching. They appear to be made for each other. The party was a blast, the hotel exquisite, and the best part was it was my family and no drama. Well no drama aside from my poor Mom and Dad looking for food that was not a)sushi b)vegetable c)heavily spiced or d)heavily sauced. I enjoyed the food immensely.

We managed pictures of all of the 5 siblings together. Something my half brother and I managed without speaking a word to each other. Why would anything change in 17 years? We also managed a picture of all 11 of the grandchildren. It was an historic moment and one I am glad I didn’t miss.

I don’t know that I have smiled and laughed that much in months. It was great to see my brother and he and my Sweetie got along sharing their IT geek stories. It made me feel so good to see everyone enjoying themselves and my sister – the mother of the bride – more than anyone. She looked gorgeous as well. I’ll try to post pictures later.